Our Educational Experience Is...


Our classes in English are:

Theater, Technology, Media, Visual Arts, Personal Wellness and Fitness, Photography, Projects, Theory of Knowledge, Design, 3D Printing, Robotics, Film, Language, Computer Science, Business & Management, Music, ITGS, History, & Photography.


Aside from the diverse classes in this language we offer the ability to certify English as a Native Language as part of the IB Diploma Program.

Formation of Universal Values

Our SCHOOL VALUES rest on four fundamental pillars:

  • Introspection in favoring the knowledge of the inner self in all members of the community.
  • Inclusion that is born of empathy and love for others is evident in the principles of pluralism.
  • Wisdom, since our actions focus on loving our neighbor as ourselves.
  • Solidarity in social responsibility with Fundación Nuevo Mundo and the sector that it benefits.

International Standards

Are you an IB student?

Reflexive, Balanced, Brave, Supportive, Open Minded, Honest, A Good Communicator, A Thinker, Informed and Educated, Inquisitive.

Constructivist Pedagogy

The classes that our students receive are planned within the framework of the CONSTRUCTIVIST PEDAGOGY. As well, we are pioneers in the implementation of the Thinking Skills Development Program.

Challenging and Fun

A FUN AND CHALLENGING educational experience, involves developing interactive activities that are planned, according to the ages, tastes, and interests of our students.

Creative and Innovative

The CREATIVE AND INNOVATIVE education in Nuevo Mundo, leads to having a teaching-learning processes in which the main ingredient is the innate creativity of each student.

Continuous Improvement

Our Philosophy of CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT makes Nuevo Mundo an educational center that remains attentive to the needs and expectations of our community. We have been  an ISO 9001 certified school since 2004.

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