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Frequently Asked Questions:

   How many hours of English a week does a student at Nuevo Mundo have?

A minimum of 40% of the curriculum is taught in English.

  How many student are in each class?

We have around 24 students per class.

  What kind of extracurricular activities are available?

Our students have a variety of extracurricular activities they can do such as: Soccer, Volleyball, Pre-Ballet, CAS Projects (Creativity, Action, and Service), and Scouts group number 35.

  Does the school have International Baccalaureate (IB)?

Since 2009 we have been authorized by the organization of the International Baccalaureate to teach the Diploma Program (DP).

And since 2017 we have been  authorized to teach the Intermediate Years Program (MYP) that prepares students for the Diploma Program.

  What IB subjects does Nuevo Mundo offer?

ITGS, Psychology, Physics, Film, Chemistry, Mathematics, History, Theater, Language, Music, English, Biology, Business & Management, Theory of Knowledge, Mathematical Studies, Environmental Systems and Societies, Computer Science.

  What is the admissions process like?

The admission process consists in:
• Download from our web portal the admissions application or collect it at reception..
• Learn more about Nuevo Mundo.
• Attach to the form: Copy of current and last year's report card, 1 color passport-size photo, 1 personal reference letter, 1 economic reference letter.
• Submit the complete Admission form to reception. Pay off administrative expenses and collect syllabi. Proof of income on the dates indicated.
• Present at the DECE (Student Counseling Department) the applicant and the representative for test or interview.
• Wait for test results.
• Communicate with the Admissions department for the results of the process.
• Start the enrollment process. Required documents: Copy of representative and student ID, Certificate of registration, Certificate of year of previous legalized years.
• Only foreigners must include these documents: Copy of passport of representative and student, Recognition of studies by the District of Education.

  What values are taught at Nuevo Mundo?

We have four fundamental pillars that form part of our spirituality and they are:
• Introspection
• Wisdom
• Inclusion
• Support

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